The Dusty Balls sale is a once a year event, and your chance to pick up some really inexpensive yarn! Prices start at $1.00!

Some of my yarn comes from brick and mortar yarn shops and has been on display for awhile. In this case, it can gather dust, literally, but be perfectly fine otherwise. Others come from estate sales, thrift shops, and private collections. These are the yarns that are not in "like new" condition.

In all cases, descriptions will note of the condition and possible issues these yarns can have, such as:

  • Dust and general shopworn condition

  • Ripped or missing labels

  • Pet hair (I will remove most of it, but if you have allergies, you may need to pre-wash the yarn)

  • Oddballs and synthetic fiber blends

  • Yarn from broken up kits, which may be unlabeled (I will note the weight in the description)

  • Previous insect damage, and extent thereof (only very light damage is acceptable)

  • Musty odors (I will air out all the yarns in this category, but some odor may remain, needing a wash to remove)

  • Just something I want to move

  • Caked full skeins without labels (center pull balls from a ball winder; hand winding usually stretches out a yarn too much to be usable, particularly if vintage)

Note: No returns on these clearance priced yarns. They tend to sell out quickly, so act now if you see something you like!

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