• Ellen Kardell

Positive Distractions

I don't know about you, but my eyeballs have been glued to the news for far too many hours every day for the past week. It's starting to feel overwhelming, thinking about how we are all going to survive this—literally and financially—me, my daughter, friends, customers, the people who run the pizza joint down the road, everyone. I work in the gig economy in addition to Discontinued Designer Yarns; no paid time off, sick leave or other benefits. Gig workers are a huge part of the US workforce and I worry for all of us.

Right now, I need to take a break from reading and do something positive for my mental and emotional balance. A customer (thanks Lisa!) turned me on to a group that does knitting for children and young people living in precarious situations such as refugee camps. They focus on children ages 6 to 16, but donations for any age are welcome. They are specifically looking for wool items, as wool is the warm when wet, etc. It's called Wool-Aid. Their Ravelry group is here.

What really inspired me is the Raveler who wove TEN blankets in about a month for the project. Weaving is fast, way quicker than knitting, though admittedly less portable. My large loom is 46" wide (ideally, I'd like to go wider, but that's what I have to work with); kid-size blankets are going to be my April at-home project. It may involve some dyeing, as they suggest that darker colors will be more practical (reds, browns, maroon, gold).

Of course there are many in need in our country, but this project is where I'm being drawn to for the immediate future.

PS, I know we are inundated with Covid-related messages from businesses and you don't need another from me. Just stating here, I am taking precautions when handling your orders.

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