• Ellen Kardell

The weaving yarn project has begun!

I've been saying for a year that my line of weaving yarns is going to be happening soon. Life, however, got in the way of that until very recently.

My dye studio is up and running for the first time in six years. It's also better equipped than ever before, and I'm excited that I can move forward with producing yarns again.

I've got information about the dyes I'm using over on my other site, The Year of Seeing Red.

I expect to have a starting palette of about 25 colors available by mid-November. My intention is (eventually) a wide range of at least 200 shades. The yarn bases I'm using are a mothproofed wool from New Zealand in two weights. The two ply (2/60 size), is about 960 yards per pound, and the lighter weight, single ply (1/110 size) is about 1760 yards per pound. The lighter weight, shown below, will be great for tapestry. Beefier sizes of yarn are available, and can be specially ordered, as my formulas/colors are repeatable. The dyes are from Lanaset, and have exceptional light-fastness, which is particularly important for tapestry projects.

The photo below shows the 2-ply base. One of the fun and amazing things about color mixing is the concept of using colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel to create complex, interesting shades. In this one, I've used a mix of 70% orange and 30% green to get this beautiful rusty brown.

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