• Ellen Kardell

The Year of Seeing Red

New year, new focus, new blog.

As you may know, I have been in the yarn/fiber business for a number of years. I had a tiny fiber farm in West Virginia from 2006 to 2012 and a retail yarn shop, both called Pocket Meadow Farm Fiber Arts. I have a handful of knitting patterns on Ravelry under the PMF name (to be expanded in 2020). The farm and shop were basically swept away in 2012 by the economic recession.

But I've been dyeing yarn before that and since then. I love color and I love the creativity and process and plan to go deeper and more technical in the next decade. This year, I have chosen to switch from the more widely available and easy to use acid dyes, to Lanaset dyes. The color palette is very small, and that appeals to me greatly because I want to mix my own colors from scratch. Lanaset dyes are also much more permanent, colorfast in hot water, and lightfast. They are more complicated to use and require auxillary chemicals, such as citric acid, Glauber's Salt, and leveling agents to make the dye strike evenly.

The Year of Seeing Red is/will be a daily practice of working with this one hue to create repeatable colorways.

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