Medium gray cotton weaving yarn. Nice size for weaving thick hand towels and baby blankets, worked at about 18 to 24 epi. This is from my personal stash; I over-bought for a project and don't have immediate use for it now. I have used this yarn and I like it a lot. Not as tightly spun as 8/2 (Brassard, for example), and very soft. Fulls up with use, so don't sett it too tightly. Check out one of my projects using this yarn on Ravelry.


You can use this for multi-strand knitting or crochet too; strand it with a laceweight mohair to add a little weight and structure, add in another strand of boucle for texture.


Special note on this one cone. There is light abrasion on the top of the cone in 2 areas, as shown in the photo. I'm pricing the cone to reflect that.


Original retail from WEBS $26.99 (now, $27.99)

Dark Grey, Lot 65218

100% cotton 2/6

2520 YPP on .90# cones

6/2 Cotton - Gray - one cone