Very fine cobweb weight mohair. Knit a lighter-than-air lace shawl with this cone of single ply mohair. Not sure of the yardage, but it should make something pretty large, knit on large needles, like 8 or 9. The color is an ultra-deep black, which I've renamed "Vantablack-ish" after the new high tech coating recently developed (Vanta stands for "vertically aligned nano tube array"). From ColourMart, Great Britain.


Nm weight is listed as 1/22. If anyone wants to figure out what this means in yardage, please let me know! More info about this weight system here. I am guesstimating this cone as 2000 yards minimum.


100% mohair

Color black

150 grams, variable gauge, could also be used to add halo to a smoother yarn

Hand wash or dry clean

Cobweb Mohair - Vantablack-ish - 1 avail