Extra large cones of beautiful, glossy mercerized cotton in a fine 20/2 weight for weaving. The color is a light silver grey. Takes dyes beautifully if you want to overdye; a weaver in my guild used this for a crammed and dented shawl with 60 epi in the crammed areas, and 20 in the open areas, and it made a very beautiful, delicate piece.


3 available, averaging 1125 grams, or just under 2.5 pounds per cone. Weights will vary slightly by just a few grams. Most retailers sell this at $24 to $34 per pound; my price is $28 per cone. An excellent value for a fine weaving yarn. 


100% mercerized cotton

Color Silver Grey

Machine wash.

65 wraps per inch; 8400 yards per pound (total apx. 21,000 yds per cone)

Sett: tabby 30 - 40 epi, twill 36 - 48


Coned Mercerized 20/2 Cotton - Silver Grey - 2 available