I don't have a lot of information about this. The yarn is not in the Ravelry database; it's from my personal stash. The three cones were part of a kit for a lace cardigan, bought on a trip to the NYC Habu studio. Yardage isn't marked on the cones, but I believe it is 700 yards per cone, and 100% pineapple fiber. The color is a warm cream, and the handle of the fabric it made was 'springy', like linen. I paid $70 for the three cones. I think it could be an excellent scarf or shawl, and could be stranded with a laceweight mohair for a light, airy lace.


Pineapple fiber, natural, no dye lot

700 yds per cone, cobweb weight

Habu Pineapple fiber laceweight - 3 avail