Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, I bought this yarn with the hilariously ambitious idea that I would actually knit a Rogue hoodie out of it. Fabulous sweater pattern, but I am now aware of my attention span deficits, and I'd like to send this off to a good home. It's a warm, rustic yarn, with bits of hay here and there due to low processing; no harsh chemicals were used in the cleaning/blending/carding/spinning process. The color is a complex brown heather blend. Made in Canada by the late, great Reynolds Yarn company. If you buy the full lot, I'll throw in one skein that's been balled, for free. A few skeins don't have labels.


100% wool
Color 09 brown mix
4 oz/194yds  |  5 sts/inch on US8 needles
Hand wash or dry clean.


Reynolds Candide - rich brown mix - 15 avail + bonus