Vintage yarn from Unger. "Woolray", or wool and rayon blends were considered very high end yarns back in the day (1960's apx.) and many knitters made a cottage industry of using these blends for very expensive hand and machine knit suits for New York designers. Woolray is a bouncy, tightly spun yarn that springs back into shape. This was a desired property for women's skirt suits. This type of yarn is difficult to find these days.


Slightly textured with a matte finish, in a warm beige shade. This would work nicely to add subtle texture to a weaving project, or as a knitted accent. Made in the US.


79% wool, 21% viscose
Color 941; lot 30861.01
50 gr/yardage not specified but at a fingering weight, probably about 200-250  |  7 sts/inch on US3 needles
Hand washable.

Vintage Allure WoolRay - Beige - 1 avail