Weaving is a great way to use odds and ends of yarn. We are particularly enamored with the free-form, no-rules style of weaving known as Saori, when you work spontaneously to create one of a kind fabrics, shawls and garments. Not sure what this is all about? A Google or Pinterest search on Saori will yield hundreds of amazing, colorful images to inspire you.

I've selected a group of textured yarns specifically for adding interest to your Saori projects. You'll find them in the collection named Textured Yarn.

Added to this category are basic weaving yarns, mill-end finds and coming this winter — our own flagship line of 2 ply, mothproofed New Zealand tapestry yarn. This yarn is dyed on a 2/60 base, which is suitable for tapestry at apx 8 epi. Tapestry weaving also has possibilities for mixing fiber, color and texture — contemporary weavers are using very simple looms to create beautiful wall hangings. Color palette design and testing is in progress and the first round of skeins will be in the shop shortly in sizes ranging from 12 yard to 50 yard skeins.